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question_answer FAQs

Are there any additional charges for using the Claro en Línea℠ service?

Yes, a US$2 commission fee is charged per payment. This fee will be automatically deducted from your payment. If the payment is greater than, or equal to, US$100 and is intended for a single Claro Guatemala account, the fee will not apply.

If you are paying by credit or debit card, the minimum payment that can be processed is US$21 (including our commission fee).

Is the Claro en Línea℠ service subject to a minimum subscription period?

No, the Claro en Línea℠ service is not subject to a minimum subscription period. You can cancel your subscription or re-subscribe at any time.

Does subscribing to the Claro en Línea℠ service affect any of my long-distance or local phone services in the United States?

No. Subscribing to the Claro en Línea℠ service does not affect any of your telecommunications services in the United States. The purpose of this service is solely to facilitate the payment of Claro Guatemala accounts.

Can I sponsor two or more Claro Guatemala accounts?

Yes, you can sponsor an unlimited number of accounts in Guatemala.

Can more than one person sponsor the same Claro Guatemala account?

Yes, a Claro Guatemala account can be sponsored by multiple people, and there is no limit on the amount that each sponsor can pay.

How long does it take for a payment to be applied to a Claro Guatemala account?

This depends on the payment method, i.e. whether the sponsor chooses to pay by credit or debit card. For more information, visit our Payment Options section.

How are payments shown on the Claro Guatemala customer's account?

Your payments will be shown on the Claro Guatemala customer’s account in quetzals. A “Thank You” letter detailing payments made in US dollars will be provided to the sponsor on a monthly basis.

What happens if a Claro Guatemala customer and the US sponsor send payments for the same account?

No issue should arise provided that the sum of both payments is greater than, or equal to, the balance of the bill. In these cases, the excess amount will be reflected as a credit and applied against the following month’s bill. If the sum of both payments is less than the invoice amount, the Claro Guatemala customer will have an outstanding payable balance. To ensure payment of the correct amount, please contact the Claro Guatemala customer whose bill you wish to sponsor in order to find out the balance of their bill.

Is it possible for the detailed Claro Guatemala bill to be sent to my address in the United States?

No. Legally, we cannot provide that service. Contact the customer in Guatemala to obtain this information.

What exchange rate is applied to my US dollar payments?

A very favorable quetzal-dollar exchange rate is applied to your US dollar payments. This rate is the same rate used by Telmex USA for all dollar payments.