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Enterprise CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) are facing important business challenges such as delivering consistent and stable application performance, developing innovative products and services, saving costs, improve cyber security and increase operational efficiencies, while satisfying bandwidth increase demand to support new digital business needs.

To overcome some these challenges CTOs are turning their attention to implement responsive and flexible platforms that respond to business changes and dynamics. As such, they have the need to make their network simpler, more agile and automated.

Telmex USA SD-WAN service simplifies the deployment of network WAN capabilities such as automated network expansion, self configuring functions with application routing policies creating better alignment between  the business and IT objectives.


  • Simplify network expansion by combining and leveraging public and private WAN connections with zero-touch provisioning and easy new service insertion
  • Lower cost of bandwidth with transport independence – MPLS, Internet, 4G/5G
  • Optimized application performance including cloud resident applications
  • Simple integration with public cloud providers
  • Simplified provisioning, network management and troubleshooting
  • High application uptime and robust WAN network security
  • Better WAN capex and opex management



SD-WAN Overlay:
MPLS, Internet, Broadband, 4G/5G
Simplified WAN Network Management:
Zero-touch provisioning
One-click service insertion
Network management automation
Assured Application Performance:
Leverage economical bandwidth
Transport independence performance

Managed on-ramp to the cloud:
Direct cloud access
Aggregate virtualized connectivity

Customer Experience:
Dedicated Customer Support Manager
24x7 International NOC support


Why Telmex USA?


Telmex USA’s SD-WAN service provides and agile platform ready to support the demand of new digital business initiatives, cloud based applications and bandwidth intensive applications. Operational efficiency using automated functions to implement network changes on the fly and install new service features fast using NFV technology.

A network that will adapt to changing business needs!