International Private Line

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Our Service

Telmex USA’s IPL service provides highly secure, reliable, and dedicated circuits that connect your business locations across the Americas. It’s a cost-effective solution that allows secure, simultaneous, two-way transmission of voice, data, video, or any other digitally encoded signal. We deliver fully managed digital communication capacity with the bandwidth and redundancy options to meet the needs of your business.

Telmex USA’s SDH/SONET network runs over our wholly owned international subsea network, and is fully integrated with our domestic networks in Latin America. This means that it is robust and adaptable enough to serve even the most demanding customers. We also offer highly competitive end-to-end SLAs.


  • High availability – maximize uptime to customer’s mission-critical applications
  • Highly secure network aids in the prevention of unauthorized access and protects against intrusion and hacking
  • Complete private network
  • Flexibility—transparency to protocol, support different speeds and interfaces
  • Proven technology that’s easy to implement
  • Scalable services that can adapt to your company’s changing bandwidth requirements over time


Telmex USA offers:
  • TDM bandwidth options of up to 10Gbps
  • An SDH/SONET network that’s transported via subsea cables and has multiple redundant submarine connections to provide high availability and reliable service
  • Dual physical links and PoPs per country for resiliency, diversity, and protection in case of a link failure
  • One-stop service solutions with a single point of contact
  • An international network that’s fully integrated with SDH domestic networks
We offer two levels of support:
  • Network Operations Center—CNOC
    • Tri-lingual support in English, Portuguese, and Spanish
    • World-class post-sales service
    • Toll-free access telephone numbers (in countries where Telmex has a presence)
    • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • US customer care service management
    • Single point of contact for service orders, implementation, billing options, and more

Service Options

Telmex USA offers customers competitive packages that can be customized according to your bandwidth requirements and term commitment. Telmex USA has the flexibility to offer a variety of options for invoicing of international data services:

  • Local invoice: We can bill in country to your location or designated affiliate
  • Consolidated invoice: A branch in the country that you designate receives a single consolidated invoice that details all contracted international telecommunication services.
  • Invoice per country: Each country receives an invoice that includes all contracted services for that country. This invoice will be sent to whichever office you designate.

Why Telmex USA?

Telmex USA’s International Private Line (IPL) is highly scalable to meet your company’s evolving bandwidth requirements. With redundant connections supplied by the world’s leading undersea-cable operators, our unique architecture provides superior reliability, reduces delays, and avoids single points of failure.

Our highly trained network management professionals proactively monitor our network backbone and services, meaning that we detect and can often resolve problems before they impact service. Telmex USA’s dedication to excellence provides your business with the highest level of service.