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IP VPN Service provides a simple, secure and cost effective path to a fully meshed network. By applying Quality of Service standards, bandwidth can be reliably allocated to different traffic types and applications. Through fully meshed networks, data can use the most efficient path to its destination, optimizing the use of the network resources. Through the use of Class of Service, IP VPN Service allows a network to prioritize delay sensitive traffic like VoIP. Five classes of service and 30 different profiles give our clients the flexibility to choose the best profiles to meet their traffic patterns.

In addition to safe and reliable internal connectivity, businesses need to be able to connect with a larger community of users. It is essential that this connectivity be a safe and reliable way to interact with customers and suppliers.

IP VPN Services establish efficient management of business relationships through secure extranets.



Telmex USA’s IP VPN Service offers the following benefits:

  • Connectivity between sites across secure private networks.
  • Transport of different types of data over one network.
  • Prioritization of delay sensitive traffic using 5 different Classes of Service: Voice, video, transactional data, critical data, and non-critical data.
  • Easier meshing of multi-site networks.
  • Path Optimization for traffic, using routing protocols that allow route convergence in a fast, controlled, and scalable manner
  • Redundancy options are available.
  • Backup paths: logical backups (layer 3 of the OSI model) and physical backup links (layer 1 model OSI)
  • Load balancing: the network routers can provide load balancing for multiple links and paths

Why Telmex USA?


Telmex USA is a trusted partner to the world’s leading carriers and corporations.

We understand the unique demands facing businesses trying to grow and expand their global operations.

Our international, next generation, end-to-end network infrastructure provides the coverage your business needs.

We bring together expertise and resources to provide local, domestic, and international solutions.

Together with our network of affiliates, our global presence, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer service enable us to provide world-class service.