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Does TELMEX USA charge a fee for México en Línea™ or Pay in the USA?

Yes. There is a $2.00 dollars commission fee for each payment applied to a phone line in México. Commission fee does not apply for payments equal/over $100.00 if it is to be applied to a single phone account.

If your payment is by Check or Money Order and is equal or less than $2.00 , it WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. You will need to call our Customer Service Center for payment return.

If your payment is by Credit/Debit Card, there is a minimum of $21.00 (commission fee included) for payment to be process.

How long do I have to stay in the program?

There is no minimum commitment for you to enroll in these programs. You can cancel or re-enroll in either of these programs at any time.

Does enrolling in this service affect any of my long distance or local services in the USA?

No . Enrolling in the México en Línea™ or Pay in the USA program does not affect any of your telecommunications services in the USA. The purpose of these programs is for you to help pay for your family's TELMEX telephone service in Mexico.

Can I sponsor two or more customers in Mexico?

Yes. You can sponsor any number of customers in Mexico. To facilitate payment, you will be provided with a separate customer number for every account you sponsor in Mexico.

Can more than one person support the same TELMEX customer in Mexico?

Yes. A customer in Mexico can be sponsored by multiple sponsors. There is no limit on the amount they can pay.

How long does it take for a payment to be posted to the customer's TELMEX account?

It depends how you make the payment (money order, check, credit or debit card, etc.). For detailed information, go to the Payment options section.

How are the sponsor payments reflected in the customer's TELMEX account?

Payments are shown in the customer's telephone bill in Mexico in Mexican Pesos under the heading "SU PAGO GRACIAS". The sponsor is provided with an account statement reflecting the sponsor payments in US dollars.

What happens if I send in a payment and so does my Mexican relative?

If the sum of both payments is equal to or more than the invoice balance, then there is no problem. The excess amount will be reflected as a credit and applied against the following month's bill. If the sum of both payments is less than the invoice amount, your relative will have a pending balance that needs to be paid. To ensure the proper payment, please contact your relative in Mexico to find out their invoice balance.

Can you send me the detailed Mexican bill to my address in USA?

No. By law we cannot provide you with that service. Please contact your relative in Mexico to find out this information or visit here

What is the exchange rate being used to convert the payments?

Your payment is applied to your family's account at a very attractive Peso-Dollar exchange rate, which is an average of the daily rates of selected major banks in Mexico.